pablo casado
Spain’s PP leader Pablo Casado

SPAIN’S PP party has set out audacious plans for a power grab to take back control from Andalucia and the other autonomous regions.

Leader Pablo Casado announced his commitment to strengthen the central government’s role in the run up to national elections in a fortnight.

He insisted that such a move would prevent corruption and lead to a drop in taxes.

It comes as the party attempts to see off the threat from an insurgent Vox Party, whose leader has described the Junta and other autonomous parliaments the ‘cancer of Spain’.

Under the plan, the PP wants to increase resources for regional government delegations and paralyse any further transfer of power to the regions.

The supremacy of the National Police and Guardia Civil over regional security bodies would also be enshrined under the proposals advanced by PP.

Casado insisted the move would see Spain being administered ‘more effectively’.

The election hopeful stated that his party would carry out a sweeping review of how the regional authorities operate looking at ‘efficiency and equity.’

Spain’s quasi-federal political system of ‘autonomous states’ was added to the constitution in 1978.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, whose party drafted the constitution, strongly opposed the plan, insisting the PSOE would defend ‘tooth and nail’ the principal of regional self-government.

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