PROOF: Documents prove Patrick was left the home when his wife died, according to Finnish law

AN expat has been made homeless after his British tenant refused to move out and allegedly ‘threatened to kill him’ if he returned.

Patrick O’Loughlin, 72, is appealing for help after being forced to sleep rough after finding himself unable to afford the cost of a hotel.

The British pensioner, from London, has been dossing down on benches at train stations and Malaga airport.

Despite having evidence that he owns the property, the Londoner says he has had little help from the cops and that his case is making its way too slowly through the courts.

LOCKED OUT: Entrance to building which houses Patrick apartment

“My wife left me that home when she died eight years ago and I can prove it,” O’Loughlin – who suffers from high blood pressure – told the Olive Press.

“My tenant agreed to move out in February but she is still there and now there is a huge man living in my bedroom and they won’t leave.

“They both owe me at least €1,500 in rent.”

O’Loughlin said when he calls police to the home in Fuengirola, his tenant, a British woman, manages to ‘sweet talk’ the cops with her fluent Spanish.

He also believes the tenant – who the Olive Press exposed several years ago in a furniture scam – has used his bank account to pay for the internet and other items.

“She has totally conned me,” the father-of-one continued.

“She under-paid her first month’s rent and asked me for my bank details to pay me the rest.

“Stupidly I gave her them because I trusted her, and now there’s a string of strange charges on my account.”

The home left to Patrick by his Finnish wife

The Olive Press has seen bank statements which appear to back up O’Loughlin’s claims.

The expat, who has lived in Spain for decades, has asked Olive Press readers for help.

“If anyone can offer me a place to stay for a few days or can offer any legal aid it would be brilliant, I need all the help I can get to get. I just want them gone.”

O’Loughlin’s son, who asked not to be named, showed messages to this paper, from the tenant, threatening to kill his dad if he tried to enter his home again.

The Olive Press visited the property this week but the tenant was not available to comment.

Email if you can help.

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