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Ex-leader of Spain’s main opposition Popular Party to be quizzed by judge over Catalunya hoax

THE FORMER leader of Spain’s main opposition Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has been called to testify as a suspect for propagating a hoax about...

Partido Popular in Spain to annoint Alberto Nuñez Feijoo as new leader at Sevilla conference this weekend

SPAIN'S main opposition party, the conservative Partido Popular(PP) will crown ex-Galicia region president, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo as its new leader at a special party...

Galicia president Feijoo gets unopposed run to be proclaimed as new leader of Spain’s Partido Popular

GALICIA president Alberto Nuñez Feijoo will succeed Pablo Casado as leader of Spain's conservative Partido Popular. Feijoo received over 55,000 nominations on Thursday after a...

Far-right Vox party gets first taste of regional government power in Spain

THE far-right Vox party has achieved its first foothold in running a regional government in Spain after it secured a coalition deal on Thursday...

Transsexual woman wants to become the new leader of Spain’s Partido Popular

A transsexual woman from Gandia in Valencia Province says she wants to become the next leader of Spain's Partido Popular. Alexia Herranz, 29, plans to...

Galicia’s Alberto Nuñez Feijoo announces Partido Popular leadership bid in Spain

GALICIA president, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, has officially put himself forward as the next leader of Spain's conservative Partido Popular. The Galician leader has been the...

LATEST: Embattled PP leader Pablo Casado bows out of Spain’s parliament 

THE embattled leader of Spain’s conservation opposition party bade farewell to parliament on Wednesday and made his exit to a round of applause. Pablo Casado...

Pablo Casado: Leader of Spain’s conservative opposition party under mounting pressure to resign

THE leader of Spain’s main conservative opposition party looked set to resign after his supporters appeared to abandon him in droves. His role at the...

Partido Popular’s Pablo Casado criticised for attending Andalucia church service in memory of Spain’s dictator General Franco

The leader of Spain's conservative Partido Popular has been criticised for attending a church service in memory of the dictator General Franco. Pablo Casado attended...

Chef Jose Andres tells rival politicians to join forces to stop pollution in the Mar Menor in Spain

INTERNATIONAL chef and philanthropist, Jose Andres, has told rival Spanish political leaders to come together to stop pollution in the Mar Menor. Asturias-born Andres won...

Spain’s moderate Ciudadanos party in CRISIS as its voters leave in droves to support far right Vox in snap...

Vox is set to gain 14% of the overall vote, after the PP in second place (21.2% and 91 seats) and the left wing PSOE first (27.3% and 121 votes)

Spain’s Partido Popular wants to take power back from Andalucia and other autonomous regions to ‘prevent corruption’

Casado insisted the move would see Spain being administered ‘more effectively’

Spain’s PP leader Pablo Casado probed over party’s SECOND fake degree scandal

It comes after former leader of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes was forced to resign following a fake degree obtained from the same university

Spain’s new PP leader seeks to move the party ‘back to its roots’

PABLO Casado has vowed to move the People’s Party to the right after being elected leader, succeeding former PM Mariano Rajoy. The 37-year-old politician...





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