GALICIA president Alberto Nuñez Feijoo will succeed Pablo Casado as leader of Spain’s conservative Partido Popular.

Feijoo received over 55,000 nominations on Thursday after a well-publicised challenge from Valencia area student, Alexia Herranz, only garnered 41 nominations.

Some of her backers were rejected as party membership fees were not up to date.

Gandia-based Herranz, 28, last week declared herself as the first transsexual woman to run for the PP leadership post.

No other names came forward as the PP rallied around Feijoo.


Herranz would have required 100 legitimate nominations to force a primary contest against Feijoo.

She had previously tried to become the leader of her local Gandia PP but was unsuccessful.

Herranz described herself as a ‘brave fighter woman and a transsexual woman who has been a PP member since 2017’.

Pablo Casado is continuing in his leadership role until a special PP congress in Sevilla beginning on April 1st.

He was forced to resign after a bitter battle with Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayoso,

Feijoo is expected to take over the reins of the party on the first day of the special congress and will address delegates.


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