HIDEOUT: The escapee spent a decade in Tenerife

A FUGITIVE wanted for ten years in the Canary Islands has handed himself in because he had grown sick and tired of Tenerife.

The unnamed criminal, 64, broke out of an Austrian prison in 2008  with only six months left to serve and fled to sunny Tenerife.

After a decade on the run, the fugitive popped up at a railway station in Salzburg and turned himself into police.

“I have lived there long enough,Tenerife is not as beautiful anymore as it once was,” the fed-up man reportedly told the officers.

HOMESICK: The 64-year-old handed himself over in Salzburg

Authorities decided the Austrian national should be sent back to prison, and he was jailed in Salzburg.

In Austria escaping from prison is not illegal so the elderly convict may only have to serve the remainder of his original sentence.

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