SAUSAGES, eggs, bacon… everyone knows that Brits love a good fry up, but what about when it’s on a pizza?

One bar in Benidorm has been slammed for concocting the so-called ‘English breakfast pizza’.

Good Times Bar and Grill takes a traditional margherita before smearing on a dollop of beans, two greasy eggs, a pale tomato, sausages, mushrooms and two rashers of bacon.

The pizza has been lambasted online by food fans, with many pointing out that the sausages are left on whole.

Andy Hurst said it ‘looks rank’ while Lucy Anderton said it combined her ‘two favourite things’ but still looked ‘minging’.

TOP THAT: Original picture that caused the online controversy

Steven Harrison said: “It looks terrible and typically British hangover food, not sure what time of day it would look appetising.”

However, not everyone was completely against the bar’s creative offering.

Ben Brown said: “What annoys me is that it’s a good idea, but why the bloody hell have they left the sausages on whole?”

Harry Shorrock said the bar should cut the toppings ‘into smaller bits’.

Paul, manager of Good Times Bar and Grill, told the Olive Press: “The concept was a random creation more for a joke.

“But at the end of the day presentation is key – the sausages should have been sliced, and the beans probably a side-dish for dunking.”

He added the pizza is still on the menu and can be tailored to suit the ‘customer’s choice’.

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