THRILLING scenes for the sixth Terminator movie were shot on the Costa Blanca, a new trailer has revealed.

Last summer, a film crew of more than 500 shot dramatic scenes on the motorway to Murcia international airport, as well as filming a truck crashing through a purpose-built wall in Catral.

The Los Mateos neighbourhood in Cartagena was also converted into a Mexican city for the new Dark Fate film, set for release in November.

I’LL BE BACK: New trailer shows scenes including a truck crashing through a wall in Catral

The Paramount production will have original director James Cameron as writer and executive producer, picking up the story from Cameron’s 1991 T2: Judgement Day.

It will ignore the plots from subsequent Terminator films, which have been less successful than the first two blockbusters.

Following doubts and speculations, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are confirmed as the cyborg assassin and his target, Sarah Connor, respectively.

The film is directed by Tim Miller, of Deadpool fame.

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