Street where explosion happened, ©GoogleMaps

A MAN is in serious condition after a gas cylinder exploded in his home on the Costa del Sol. 

The 59-year-old was rushed to hospital yesterday after the combustion destroyed several walls at the property and caused superficial damage to two adjoining homes.

The explosion was so strong it shattered windows at homes more than 50 metres away on Avenida Juan Luis Peralta, Benalmadena.

The three affected homes have been sealed off and cannot be entered for 48 hours due to the accumulation of gases potentially hazardous to health.

Luckily there has been no structural damage of any kind, despite the force of the bang being so severe that the Policia Nacional, Policia Local and bomberos were rushed to the scene.

The windows were key to this ‘phenomenon’, as the pressure from the bang escaped through them, avoiding structural damage.

Police confirmed the explosion most likely came from the gas cylinder.

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