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OVERBOOKED FLIGHT: Almost saw three-year-old turfed off plane

A THREE-year-old British girl has been nearly forced off a plane heading to the UK from Spain’s Mallorca after the airline overbooked the flight.

Chloe Meacock from Chester had been on a Thomas Cook package holiday with her parents, Claire Quick and Chris Meacock and her 18-month-old sister Charlotte.

The family had been advised by Thomas Cook to check in for their easyjet flight before they arrived at Palma airport but they had been unable. 

“When we got to the airport, they told us that because we hadn’t checked in online they had re-sold Chloe’s seat and that she might not fly.

“Then the check-in manager rejigged things so that it was my husband who was overbooked,” Claire told the Independent newspaper.

Mr Meacock had to wait until everyone had been boarded and there was an empty eat before he was allowed on the plane.

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BRITISH FAMILY: Where on a flight back to the UK from Palma

“We do our best to look after young families, including providing regular and specific information encouraging them to check in online as early as possible so they can be seated together before arriving at the airport,” an easyjet spokesman said.

Many airlines practise overbooking, where more tickets are sold than there are seats available.

However European air passenger rights require airlines to seek volunteers before selecting people to be offloaded against their will. 

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook said: “We are very sorry that Mrs Quick and her family experienced this issue on their return flight and have asked easyJet to look into what happened.”

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