A MOTHER and daughter have been arrested in Spain after going to the police to report a hitman had ripped them off.

The 52-year-old woman in Madrid and her 20-year-old daughter had attempted to hire the contract killer after they had been swindled out of €60,000 by the mother’s partner.

The daughter’s 29-year-old boyfriend managed to convince the pair he was a spy and pitched them a plan to kill the man and harvest his organs, according to El Pais.

The fake spy had the victims sign a contract and requested a deposit of €7,000 to pay informants and hitmen, but the hit never took place.

The mother and daughter decided to report the scam to police seemingly unaware they were confessing to conspiracy to murder.

Police immediately arrested the couple along with the daughter’s boyfriend and all three were charged for their part in the conspiracy

Investigators have not ruled out the possibility the ‘fake spy’ scammer has conned more victims.

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