WATERFALL: The deceased, known as FCB, was believed to be rock climbing at Cascada la Doncella with his daughter and a friend

A ROCK climber has drowned in front of his daughter following a 30-metre cliff plunge into the sea.

The 55-year-old, known as FCB, was climbing at the cliffs of Maro in Nerja, near a waterfall, thought to be Cascada la Doncella.

His daughter, and the man’s friend reportedly called out to FCB, but he did not respond.

After the incident, at 1:30pm on Sunday, a jet ski from the Andalucia Health Service, took FCB to Maro Beach.

FCB’s body was then removed from the beach at around 4:30pm.

The trio of climbers, all from Granada, were exploring the area, just off the N340 road, which is also popular with kayakers.

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