Low-cost airline Vueling has come under fire for not allowing a female passenger wearing a ‘low-cut’ top to fly from Mallorca.

The Spanish passenger was wearing a ‘bodysuit’ and a denim mini-skirt when the Vueling official denied her access to the plane bound for Barcelona.

The passenger’s sister hit out on Twitter saying the ‘marvellous’ airline had stopped her sibling getting on the flight ‘simply for wearing a low cut bodysuit’.

OFFENDING ITEM: The low-cut ‘bodysuit’ and denim miniskirt worn by the passenger

Video footage shows the moment the young woman was stopped by an air stewardess before other passengers gave her items to cover up with.

But despite new clothes, the woman was still denied access and sent back to the terminal while Guardia Civil were called.

Vueling say she wasn’t allowed on board because of her ‘abusive’ attitude rather than what she was wearing – which they described as a swimsuit.

The woman reportedly jokingly offered to cover up with a sarong when confronted and believes the stewards took offence.

The airline told Mirror Online: “Vueling’s conditions of carriage are designed to defend and protect the safety of all passengers on board and to regulate their behaviour for the benefit of all, as of the majority of collective transportation, and that are equally applied to men and women.

“These conditions of carriage enable the airline to deny access to passengers whose behaviour does not adapt to it.

“The passenger was wearing a swimsuit. The response given to the handling agent’s request was abusive, this being the only reason why it was decided to call the competent authorities and that she could not fly.”

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