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Take away horror as British expat ‘FINDS RAT’ in rotisserie chicken he bought on Spain’s Costa del Sol

THERE’S A RAT IN ME CHICKEN WHAT AM I GONNA DO?: British expat Dominic Puellen claims he found a rodent in his take away

OLIVE Press readers have been called upon to identify mystery meat found by a British expat in his take away.

Dominic Puellen, 42, ‘threw up everywhere’ after biting down on a ‘rat in his rotisserie chicken’.

“I bit into it and there was a crunch, and I thought, ‘what the f**k is that’,” the Marbella real estate company boss told the Olive Press.

The Brit, who is originally from Surrey, took snaps of his gruesome find, which appeared to show the ribcage of a small animal.

MYSTERY MEAT: A chicken shop worker told the Olive Press the bones could be from the throat of a chicken, but Dominic disagrees

“It’s a carcass with two eyes, two back legs and a dangly front right leg,” added Dominic, who has a house in Nueva Andalucia and has been in Spain for 18 years.

“It was the first time I’d been to that chicken shop, it’s not often I throw food away.

“The worst part is that my ex-girlfriend takes her five-year-old son there every weekend.”

Dominic shelled out €20 for the offending pollo and accompanying side dishes, which included creamed spinach and a pasta salad.

However a chicken shop worker told the Olive Press the bones are most likely from the throat of a chicken. 

CONVINCED: Dominic thinks there was more to his chicken than meets the eye…or leg

“It’s very unusual to serve this part of the body but a rat’s set of bones would be much smaller.”

However Dominic hit back: “I’m 42 years old and eat roast chicken every Sunday, that was not chicken.

“How can a rat be inside a roast chicken?

“They need to get health inspectors in, as they’ve got rats inside their chicken storage.

“It’s a huge health hazard man.”

The restaurant is rated four stars on Google, and says its menu features ‘homemade specialities’.

The Olive Press has contacted experts to confirm what animal the bones came from.

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  1. despite the comment from the ubiquitous racist clown, it will be interesting to see the result of the O.P. expert’s analysis. However, the picture with the report DOES look more like a section of vertebrae (neck) than a rib-cage. We often have a half pollo asado and it usually contains that grey, inedible, crunchy bit of neck. Also, where is the picture of the two-eyed, three-legged carcass mentioned here?

    Location : malaga
    • Stefano he is not a racist, he’s just a nasty little fascist, xenophobe and is best ignored. Unfortunately there are dregs like him in every country, he is just prolific in his ability to be a cretin.

  2. Etymologically correct 7evens. However, a similar nasty, little Fascist xenophobe was ignored in the Thirties and look where that got us.
    More importantly how is the rat/chicken analysis going Charlie?

    Location : malaga

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