A KIDNAP victim has been rescued by police on Spain’s Costa del Sol after being held captive for 10 days.

Policia Nacional released the 30-year-old Danish citizen, who had suffered serious physical abuse, from a house in Marbella.

Police in Danemark had notified authorities in Spain after the young man’s parents received a ransom demand for €165,000.

The relatives also received photographs of the bruised victim with an order to pay the money within six hours.

Danish authorities had been searching for victim, who had an arrest warrant out for drug trafficking offences.

RANSOM: Demand of €165,000 for Danish expat

Officers managed to locate the Dane before the deadline set by the kidnappers in a locked first-floor room.

The man had a displaced clavicle, severe fractures to his elbow as well as bruises and puncture wounds all over his body.

Another man, 23, was arrested inside the house on suspicion of kidnapping, possession of weapons and membership of a criminal group.

A revolver, €3,835 in cash and drugs were also found in the property.

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