A RECEIPT from a Spanish restaurant has gone viral after a customer was charged for an ‘ice cube’.

An unnamed cafe at the Sevilla Fashion Outlet charged €1.75 for a coca cola, with an extra  €0.05 for ‘hielo’.

“Did I just get charged for ice? I just got charged for ice,” wrote Alex, from Granada, on Twitter.

The viral Tweet has had nearly 40,000 likes and 8,000 retweets.

One commentator, Juanjo Alonso, asked if the cafe also charges ‘for saying hello’.

Another, Andrewa, claimed she had once been charged for ‘cutlery’.

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  1. Maybe you should learn how to read numbers: the icecubes cost 0.05 € so 5 cent.
    Not that this changes the fact of charging for something that should always be included, but your title and all the fuss is based on a completely wrong amount.

    Location : Las Colinas
  2. I’m certainly no tax expert, but perhaps there’s a legitimate reason to separate the drink from the tax. Maybe the tax code establishes separate tax rates for soft drinks and ice (or water). Alternatively, since the creation of ice utilizes more resources (water combined with a freezer and the freezing process), the bar owner uses the ice as a deduction.

    Location : Spain

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