ARSONISTS set fire to 17 vehicles and forced up to 50 residents from their homes over the course of a single night in Malaga. 

Emergency services evacuated an apartment block in the resort town of Torre del Mar, after a fire was started at around 3:30am on Tuesday morning.  

A 31-year-old man had to be treated in hospital because of the fire. 

The arson streak began at 2:30am on Tuesday morning, after a motorcycle parking lot was found alight in the neighbourhood of Paz. 

BURNT OUT: Firefighters and police officers inspect the parking lot

An hour later a motorcycle and work van were set ablaze in the Heroes de Sostoa district. Two motorcycles and a Nissan SUV were later found burning in the neighbourhood of Torcal. 

In total, 13 motorcycles and six cars were set on fire over the course of the night. 

Residents of the apartment block were later allowed to return to their homes, after emergency services put out the blaze. 

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