A GYMNASTICS teacher from Malaga who was sentenced to 271 years in prison for 13 rapes and 11 sexual assaults attempts on women has had the conditions of his prison term softened.

LOCKED UP: The prison remains behind bars but will be given access on weekends

Juan Carlos GR, 46, was imprisoned in 2005 for crimes committed between 1997 and 2002, but now a judge in Granda has granted the inmate be allowed to leave the prison on weekends.

The educators and psychologists of the Albolote prison have been opposed to all the permits that have been granted, writing reports and suggestions, hoping to prevent the inmate from enjoying time away from his jail cell.

When released, Carlos will be given a restraining order, preventing him from being within 2,000 yards of his victims for another 15 years.

He has requested to fulfill what remains of his prison sentence in Albolote, but board members of Penitentiary Institutions have proposed it for it to be Algeciras or Malaga.

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