Thomas Cooked: The group’s future is facing huge uncertainty

THOMAS Cook has amassed a €2 million debt to hotels on the Costa del Sol.

Fifteen hotels in the region have been affected by the global travel company’s bankruptcy, and now the struggling Thomas Cook is facing a multimillion-euro debt to them.

The recent collapse of the company has seen thousands of holidaymakers stranded, while the group’s aircraft have started to be impounded.

Currently, there are around 50,000 tourists affected in Spain, and around 700 in the Costa del Sol. 

It is reported, too, that cuts are set to be made and 22,00 jobs could be lost. 

The UK has started a peacetime repatriation process, the country’s biggest ever, bringing home stranded Britons. 

There have been reports that Thomas Cook staff are now having to buy their own toilet paper and pay for their hotels. 

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority said: “On day two of our repatriation programme for Thomas Cook customers we brought back more than 14,000 passengers on 70 flights.

“We will be bringing back another 16,500 today.”

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