Brexit Awareness Event For British And Eu Citizens To Be Held In Spain
UNCERTAINTY: Anxiety over Brexit is rife among some citizens in Spain

AN EVENT which will raise awareness about the uncertain times facing British and EU citizens over Brexit is set to be held in Spain. 

The Association Europeans in Catalonia have set the date for October 3, when speakers from relevant groups will speak with the public about the ‘about human and emotional impact of Brexit.’

The panel includes Hedwig Hegtermans, member of The3Million, the biggest group representing the EU27 citizens in the UK; Elena Remigi, founder of In Limbo books, compilation of testimonies which show the harrowing human cost of Brexit; Sue Wilson, Chair of the biggest forum for British migrants living in Spain; and Debbie Willians, founder of Brexpats-Hear Our Voice.

The event will take place at the Barcelona Princess Hotel.

You can book your place at – and more information, you can contact

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