TWO dogs have died after eating food with pins hidden in it and another 35 have been poisoned in Malaga. 

A Malaga-based animal welfare charity said it suspected local hunters, concerned that the dogs will disturb them, to be the culprits.

Alcaucin Pueblo Blanco Malaga 3107 5
ALCAUCIN: near where the latest poisonings have occurred

The poisonings are the latest in a long running series of attacks against dogs in the region. 

The president of animal rights organisation APSISMAM said that the poisoned animals often arrived at vets in ‘agonising’ pain and paralysed. 

“If they don’t die, many times you have to euthanize them,” Oscar del Bosque said. 

The dogs are poisoned with neurotoxins which in most cases paralyse or kill them within two hours, by destroying their organs. 

Del Bosque said that he was aware of fifteen dogs which had died in a veterinary hospital in the town of Alcaucin.

“[We] know of other hospitals in the region where more dogs have arrived,” he added.

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