policia local

THREE heroic police officers have saved the life of a newborn baby after it began choking in the street. 

Policia Local officers happened to be patrolling Plaza San Agustin in Malaga on Tuesday when two men and a woman ran towards them in a panic carrying a baby.

“They were running and crying so we stopped,” one of the agents told Diario Sur.

“They screamed ‘my son is choking, my son is dying!'”

The quick-thinking officers, who knew first aid, performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre on the baby, who was just 11 days old.

“I looked at the boy and he opened his eyes and started breathing again,” the agent added.

He was transferred to Antequera Hospital where he was kept overnight and discharged the next morning.

Another agent told Diario Sur: “There are three things that I will never forget, when the mother gave us her son, when he opened his eyes and when we knew he had been discharged and was okay.”

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