Hannibal Lecter
FOUND DEAD: Spain’s Hannibal Lecter Frabrizio Ribeiro

SPAIN’S ‘most dangerous’ prisoner has been found dead in his isolated cell.

Frabrizio Joao Silva Ribeiro, dubbed Spain’s ‘Hannibal Lecter’, was found lifeless on the floor in A Lama prison in Pontevedra earlier this week.

The inmate, originally from Guinea Bissau, was in isolation due to the threat he posed to other prisoners and guards.

He was first convicted in 2006 after he brutally raped his girlfriend while stabbing her to death.

He stabbed her 25 times.

Eight years later, he punched a prisoner to death in a Cordoba prison.

It was then authorities classed him a first-degree prisoner, automatically placing him under the strictest conditions.

Last year, he was sentenced to a further 19 and a half years in Cadiz for launching an assault on several prison officers and stabbing one of them in the neck with a makeshift knife.

Due to his violent nature, he could only go outside in a solitary pen and had almost no communication with third parties.

Eight days ago he began a hunger strike which he gave up at the beginning of this week.

Medical services did not detect any health problems in the days before he was found dead.

In the absence of the autopsy, no evidence of suicide has been observed.

The prisoner was found dead in the bathroom of the cell, on the floor and with a wound on his face, most likely caused by the fall to the ground.

He was not eligible to leave prison until 2047.

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