A HUGE blaze near Malaga Airport, which gave a firefighter second degree burns, has been stabilised.

The fire is believed to have started at a caravan on the Guadalhorce Poligono at around 3:15 yesterday afternoon.

The flames, which quickly spread to other vehicles and piles of tyres, were under control by about 7pm last night, according to the Junta.

DESTRUCTION: A video appears to show the wreckage of vehicles and buildings at the affected area on the Guadalhorce Poligono

A spokesperson said that ‘troops plan to remain on the estate to tackle the affected area and prevent the flames from spreading.’

Online footage posted by journalist Cristina Mena appears to show the burnt-out wreckage of several buildings.

She said: “A firefighter with 18 years of experience has been injured with second degree burns from the explosion of a vessel containing liquid.”

The firefighter’s injuries, thought to be to his leg, were treated yesterday afternoon by the medical unit of the Bomberos de Malaga.

The Junta said that no people were injured in the incident, although there does appear to be extensive damage to personal property.

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