A POLICEMAN has been seriously injured in Madrid during protests over the Catalunya issue.

The officer has received a potentially ‘life threatening’ wound to his leg after being stabbed by a violent protester, according to respected Spanish newspaper El Espanol.

He has been rushed to hospital.

At least 26 people have been injured in the capital after violent scenes broke out near Plaza del Callao earlier tonight.

Some 11 of them are Policia Nacional officers, two of whom have suffered a broken collarbone and a strong blow to the head.

The rest of the injuries are of a mild nature except for one of the protesters, who has been taken to hospital over a possible broken arm.

The altercations and police charges began at around 8.30pm after hundreds of protesters tried to descend on the Gran Vía.

It came an hour after the end of an annual march of 4,000 people which called for the ‘amnesty of all political prisoners.’

Protesters reportedly picked up chairs and furniture from a terrace in Madrid’s Plaza de Callao and threw them at the agents.

At least one man was arrested.

Some 30 police vans have been called in to cut off the Gran Via.

More to follow….

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