THE Andalucian PSOE government falsified flu jab figures in order to ‘look good in Madrid,’ a senior PP politician has claimed.

Elias Bendodo has said the socialist governments of politicians Jose Antonio Grinan and Susana Diaz invented 853,716 ghost vaccinations of people over 65. 

The PSOE members told the national government in Madrid that 4,557,796 pensioners received a flu jab between 2012 and 2019. The real figure was 3,704,080.

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ACCUSED: PSOE politicians Jose Antonio Grinan and Susana Diaz

Between 9 and 15% of vaccination data in Andalucia was inflated according to Bendodo. 

A spokesperson for Bendodo’s department has described the erroneous figures as ‘fraud’ and called them a ‘major scandal’ which could go to court. 

An internal investigation revealed the faked statistics, after it compared the number of people vaccinated with the number of vaccines purchased. 

Bendodo has demanded explanations from Andalucian health ministers for the last ten years. 

ACCUSER: Elias Bendodo of the PP

The PSOE have denied the allegations, calling them a ‘huge lie.’

They have filed a complaint about the claims with the Electoral Board. 

A spokesperson for the socialists called the allegations a ‘new use of the institution to attack the PSOE during an election campaign.’

The PSOE are currently on track to be reelected as Spain’s largest party, but have recently lost ground in polls to centre right rivals the PP.

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