Andalucia Worst For Getting Speeding Fines 1
GOTCHA: Andalucia drivers face many toll roads and the most fines in Spain

ANDALUCIA is the region that sees the most speeding fines in Spain, according to the Association of European Motorists (AEA).

Data from Spain’s Traffic Directorate says there are 1,293 speed traps in Spain, including 661 fixed cameras, 572 mobile units.

And of these, Andalucia sees the most speeding fines issued (332,154), followed by Valencia (172,997) and then Madrid (169,624). 

La Rioja is the area with the fewest (9,220) followed by Cantabria (13,935) and Navarra (15,826).

The most notorious speed camera is located at kilometer 79.9 on the H-31 in Huelva. 

Between January and June this year, it caught 38,930 speeding drivers.

This is followed by a speed trap on the A-92 in Sevilla.

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