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REVEALED: Andalucia sees the most speeding fines in whole of Spain, according to new study

Data from Spain’s Traffic Directorate says there are 1,293 speed traps in Spain, including 661 fixed cameras, 572 mobile units and 68 are traps that record your average speed over a distance.

Young boy dies after being hit and dragged into sea by ‘narco boat’ in Andalucia

Witnesses said the tragic incident occurred after an argument broke out between the son's father and two men in the speed boat, after they had been driving dangerously nearby

New ‘hidden speed cameras’ to be rolled out across Spain within days

The DGT hopes it will help reduce accidents caused by speeding

Andalucia is the speeding capital of Spain

A total of 459,836 tickets were issued for offences

Malaga motorists rack up €4 million of fines in 10 months

Two speed cameras claimed €4 million in fines in less than a year

Drivers in Andalucia more likely to be caught speeding than anywhere else in Spain

Central government raked in €130 million in radar gun fines in 2014 and Andalucian drivers contributed 20% of the pot

Torrox mayor in speeding ticket fiasco

The mayor is refusing to say which of his staff was driving the offending car at the time

Spanish authorities use ‘sneaky’ tactics to catch speeding motorists

Traffic authorities have reduced the margins on speed cameras across Spain to reach annual targets

Spanish drivers want to slow down

50% against increase to 130km/h speed limit on designated stretches of motorway

Spanish police use ancient speeding law to illegally fine drivers

Police are using an old law to fine motorists for going just 3% over the speed limit

Holiday motorists will pay

Tourists targeted in speeding clampdown




Threatening letters containing bullets sent to Pablo Iglesias, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Maria Gamez, director of the Spain’s Guardia Civil

A SERIES of threatening letters containing bullets have been sent to Spain’s Minister for Home Affairs, Fernando Grande-Marlaska; the candidate of Podemos to the...