Playa de Getares, Algeciras

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy has died after being hit by a ‘narco boat’ in Cadiz yesterday.

The child was on a small boat with his father at playa de Getares in Algeciras, when a speed boat crashed into them at 5pm.

Due to the size of the rubber speed boat, the collision caused it to fly over the other boat dragging the boy into the sea, where he hit the propeller.

The two men in the boat – a type which is typically used by drug-traffickers – had been carrying out ‘dangerous maneuvers at high speed’ near the boy and his father, who had broken down close to the shore.

According to witnesses an argument broke out after the boy’s father told the drivers to stop driving recklessly in an area which was full of people swimming.

It took place in a marked area where ‘vessels’ are prohibited.

The two men, who have criminal records unrelated to drug trafficking, have been arrested.

Although officials said the boat was a typical ‘narco boat’, they later revealed no drugs were found.

They are yet to confirm whether the men crashed into the father and son deliberately.

However, eyewitnesses said ‘the rubber speed boat turned around, sped up towards them and passed over the boat’.

The men jumped into the sea and tried to escape but were held back by witnesses until the police arrived.

Tragically the boy’s family saw the incident unfold from the shore.

Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil officers pronounced the small boy dead, while the injured father was taken to a nearby medical center.

The investigation continues.

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