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Look mum, no hands! Moped rider fined €600 after recording TikTok dancing while on the road

THE CATALAN REGIONAL police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, have slapped a moped rider with a €600 fine and docked her six points off her driving...

Watch: Man investigated by police after letting eight-year-old son drive in Spain’s Malaga

POLICE in the city of Malaga are investigating a 58-year-old man after he allegedly allowed his eight-year-old son to drive his car.  The incident took...

Bus driver in Spain caught on camera taking hands off wheel to use two mobile phones and even take...

THE SPANISH Civil Guard is investigating a Madrid bus driver who was recorded at the wheel using two mobile phones and even taking a...

Video: Civil Guard investigates convoy of cars where passengers were hanging out of windows

SPAIN’S Civil Guard is investigating two people for dangerous driving after videos were shared on social media of a convoy of vehicles in Salamanca...

Drunk lorry driver zigzags for 30 kilometres on Costa Blanca motorway in Spain

A drunk lorry driver kept veering his vehicle between lanes for 30 kilometres on two Costa Blanca motorways. When he was pulled over by the...
Speeding Young British Driver Totals Luxury Hire Car And Almost Kills Pedestrians In Spain's Andalucia

WATCH: Speeding young British driver totals luxury hire car and almost kills pedestrians in Spain’s Andalucia

A British man, 21, has been arrested in Sevilla after leading police in a 180 kilometres per hour chase around city streets on Sunday. A...

Hot pursuit car chase roars through towns in Spain’s Alicante area after motorist dodges police checkpoint

AN unlicensed young motorist led the Guardia Civil on an hour-long chase through Alicante Province towns after turning round from a checkpoint. The man, 20,...

Young boy dies after being hit and dragged into sea by ‘narco boat’ in Andalucia

Witnesses said the tragic incident occurred after an argument broke out between the son's father and two men in the speed boat, after they had been driving dangerously nearby

Spanish ‘selfie’ student driver caught by social media

A student made himself the subject of a social-media man-hunt after posting video on YouTube




Spain’s Congress takes historic step to allow use of other languages in parliamentary debates

SPAIN’S lower house of parliament, the Congress of Deputies, took an historic step this week by allowing for the use of three extra languages...


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