A SOCIAL MEDIA campaign launched by Spanish police to find a ‘selfie’ dangerous driver, was successful after less than 24-hours.

The 20-year-old student born and living in Tarragona, known only as Eric B., uploaded a video of himself on YouTube openly steering his car from the passenger seat.

Leaning across the car so as to reach the pedals, the student can be seen yawning while an on-coming lorry speeds past.

The Policia Nacional posted his photo on their Twitter page with the caption: “Don’t let anyone play with your life or anyone else’s on the road. We are searching for him.”

The video received over 15,000 hits on YouTube in less than an hour, before it was removed from the site.

The student turned himself in to the police station in La Verneda (Barcelona province), accompanied by his mother and lawyer, but has been released with a caution.

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