THE SPANISH Civil Guard is investigating a Madrid bus driver who was recorded at the wheel using two mobile phones and even taking a selfie while driving on the A-6 motorway. 

The incident took place on March 6, and the scene was recorded by a passenger on the bus using his own cellphone. 

The female driver was on the 671 route, which runs between the bus station at Moncloa in central Madrid and the municipality of Moralzarzal. 

As the recording shows, the 41-year-old driver at times was using her hands to manipulate the two devices in question and was not holding the steering wheel. 

At the time of the incident, there were 45 passengers on the bus, traffic on the roads and foggy conditions, according to Spanish online daily El Español

The Civil Guard is investigating the woman for dangerous driving, and she could face a jail term of between six months and two years as well as being banned from getting behind the wheel for between one and six years.

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