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Man electrocuted in tub after dropping charging mobile phone into bathwater in Madrid

A man in Madrid died from an electric shock while taking a bath after apparently dropping his mobile phone into the water while it...

Nervous truck driver exposes his hidden 103 kilo marijuana stash to police in Murcia area of Spain

POLICE in Murcia have intercepted a truck with over 103 kilos of marijuana concealed in a hidden compartment. Drugs were also found in a car...

Costa Blanca doctor reveals the long-term harm that mobile phones inflict on us all

A TORREVIEJA doctor has revealed the extent of harm that mobile phones inflict on the human body, especially among the young. Dr Alfonso Cort highlighted...

Spanish teen takes mother to court over phone confiscation

He claimed confiscation of his phone was 'mistreatment' by his mother

Avoiding the pitfalls of buying second hand

A total of 81% of Spanish residents used the second-hand market last year

British mobile networks to make changes to stop shock holiday roaming fees

Hidden roaming costs and internet charges running into thousands of pounds and euros have left countless holidaymakers in financial ruin

Controversial mobile phone transmitter to be taken down in Torrox

After a decade of protests from residents the transmitter will be dismantled and relocated

Charging your phone at night can make you fat!

Researchers have revealed that charging a mobile phone or tablet in your bedroom can make you gain weight

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Costa del Sol bus driver caught using mobile phone

Driver spent over a minute talking on his mobile phone while driving a packed bus

Use your mobile phone to help detect skin cancer

New app will help give early warning of skin cancer

Driven to distraction in Spain

3,400 drivers fined in just one week in a crackdown on using mobile phones while driving

Ring up the best deals

Shoppers may soon be able to leave their wallets and credit cards at home

Calling the impossible

A consumer watchdog has taken action against phone giant Orange on behalf of a Sevilla woman whose 500 euro phone bill included “impossible” calls.





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