AN Alicante motorist had an expensive watch stolen after trying to help a cyclist who pretended he was an accident victim.

The incident happened on a city centre street when the cyclist, 24, with a previous criminal record decided to see whether he could con a driver with a bogus accident.

His wheels gave way when a car passed him leading the motorist to believe that he had clipped him.

The driver got out to help him and was astonished to see the man grab hold of his wrist and snatch his €7,000 watch.

He then fled on his bicycle with the victim unable to catch him.

The driver reported the offence to the Policia Nacional who located and arrested the thief, who was known to them, on the same day.

Officers found a mobile phone in his belongings reported as stolen a few days earlier at a tram station.

They returned the phone to its rightful owner, while the thieving cyclist was jailed after being refused bail.

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