Saturday, February 27, 2021
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‘FIND THEM’: Manhunt for ‘Mercedes driver’ after top Marbella cyclist killed in hit and run on Spain’s Costa del...

A MANHUNT has been launched after a well-known cyclist was killed in a hit and run on the Costa del Sol.

Police call out ‘barbaric’ traps on cycle path in Spain’s Costa Blanca

TWISTED pranksters have been laying dangerous traps for cyclists in Albacete.  TRAP: Barbed wire trap for cyclists

Cyclists are breaking rules and endangering public on Spain’s Costa Blanca, say British expats

‘An unpopular measure as people use the promenade for mobility and not as a race path’

WATCH: Spain horror crash sees cyclist skewered through groin by handlebars before helicopter rushes him to hospital

A statement from the Guardia Civil said that the man had suffered a ‘deep wound’ from the accident

Pensioner cyclist fighting for her life in Malaga after being swept by strong winds

A CYCLIST is fighting for her life after being swept by the strong winds in Malaga.  The 67-year-old received a traumatic brain injury yesterday when...

Cyclists warned over pavement parking in Mallorca as expat hit with police notice

Palma police issue warning over bike locked on quiet street

Cyclist filmed clinging to back of van travelling 100kmh on Mallorca motorway

Flip-flops-wearing madman recorded in suicidal ride down M19

World famous La Vuelta cycling race to return to Andalucia in 2017

Almost one quarter of the brutal 3297.7km long La Vuelta will take place between August 30 and September 3 in the region, which was entirely missed off the contest’s route last year

Cyclists face fines in Malaga

Police are fining cyclists who may endanger pedestrians up to €200

Family of missing British hiker in Nerja lose hope

Gordon Simm's wife and two kids are heading back to the UK fearing the worst

Rafael Nadal slams ‘tiring’ French humour

The Canal Plus clips 'suggest' that Spanish sportsmen only win because of drugs

Spanish cyclist Xavier Tondo dies in freak accident

The 32-year-old was crushed between his car and a garage door

On the up

Polish stunt cyclist hopped to the top of the tallest hotel in Europe


Spain’s Emeritus King Juan Carlos coughs up another massive chunk of his tax bill

Spain’s former King Juan Carlos, who quit the country last August with financial scandals hanging over him, has paid a €4.4 million...