RULE-BREAKERS: Cyclists are breaking rules on the Costa Blanca, according to expats

CYCLISTS are still flouting new rules and endangering public safety, expats on the Costa Blanca have said.

Despite a Town Hall ban on sea-front cycling in Los Alcazares, this summer has seen flagrant disregard from inconsiderate rule-breakers.


The Olive Press went to see how bad it was, and was surprised to see young and old blatantly ignoring the safety signs, and riding on regardless.

However, there are still calls for flexibility, despite the ruling.

BAN: Some cyclists have not paid attention to the new rules

Deborah Tredgold from Lytham St Annes agreed that a total ban is extreme.

She said: “Most of the year it’s very quiet with cyclists and pedestrians getting along very well. It would make sense just to have a ban in July and August.”

But Susan Wood from Manchester said: “Rules are rules, no cycling.”

We spoke with Simon Covell of Etiquette Cycling, a cycling holiday business based in the area. He added that the only danger comes from ‘poor consideration’. 

He said: “Our logical solution is to suggest shared space along the promenade with a reasonable speed limit for people cycling.”

Jesus Pellicer of Los Alcazares Cyclist Club also considers the ban, ‘an unpopular measure as people use the promenade for mobility and not as a race path’.

An outright ban does look difficult to police, so should the Town Hall consider revising it to allow a shared ‘common-sense’ approach to such a beautiful public space?

If you have any suggestions that would keep both cyclists and strollers happy on Los Alcazares promenade, please get in touch at

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