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LATEST: What you need to know about travelling to Spain from the UK

WITH the peak summer holiday season now in full-swing, here’s the run down of the rules for those travelling to Spain from the UK. Post-Brexit...

Spanish tourism official ‘sets the record straight’ about travel requirements for British tourists visiting Spain

IN the wake of headlines sparking outrage over ‘new rules’ that mean Brits are required to show proof of finances on entry, Spain’s Tourist...

EXCLUSIVE: How British tourists are bypassing disability rules to rent mobility scooters in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca

POLICE in Benidorm have launched a crackdown on tourists renting mobility scooters and issuing fines of up to €500 after it emerged many of...

LATEST: Spain extends ban on unvaccinated travellers until mid-June

SPAIN has yet again extended the existing entry ban on non-essential travel by non-vaccinated travellers from a long list of non-EU countries, including Brits...

Blanca Cars: The top 10 tips for driving in Spain

Read on for the top 10 tips for driving in Spain as told to us by thousands of expat customers. As a leading expat-focused car...

ESSENTIALS: What you need to know about Covid travel rules between Spain and the UK over Easter

EASTER is expected to see a return of the sort of numbers that flocked to Spain before the pandemic but for British holidaymakers there...

LATEST: Spain ‘clears up confusion’ and insists unvaccinated travellers from UK will NOT be allowed entry in time for...

IN a move that will frustrate those unvaccinated British travellers who hoped to visit Spain over Easter, authorities have clarified the rules of entry,...

Spain drops quarantine for mild or asymptomatic Covid positive cases

FROM Monday March 28, Spain has dropped the requirements for those who test positive for Covid-19 to self-isolate if they are asymptomatic or have...

TRAVEL UPDATE: Day 2 COVID tests scrapped in England and Scotland for fully vaccinated travellers

TRAVELLERS arriving in England and Scotland from Spain will no longer need to buy day-two COVID tests, if they are fully vaccinated. The rules will...

Face masks rules to remain in place in Spain until spring 2022

PEOPLE in Spain will be expected to wear face masks in indoor public spaces until Spring next year, says Minister of Health, Carolina Darias. With...

Elderly care homes reopen in Gibraltar as Covid-19 cases continue to drop

WITH COVID-19 infections now below 200 on the Rock, Elderly Residential Services (ERS) have reopened but with strict new rules designed to keep residents...

Drivers to expect €200 fines for not giving cyclists more space and consideration on Spanish roads

MOTORISTS have been asked to act as if upcoming changes in safety laws are already in effect, or face fines of up to 200...

EXPLAINED: Is dog walking allowed during curfew hours in Spain’s Andalucia?

THE JUNTA has clarified that the curfew, which is currently set at 10pm., in Andalucia, is not an impediment for taking a dog for...

Cyclists are breaking rules and endangering public on Spain’s Costa Blanca, say British expats

‘An unpopular measure as people use the promenade for mobility and not as a race path’

#INMYFEELINGS: Police in Spain issue warning against viral dance challenge

The challenge, which sees people jumping out of cars to perform the dance, could result in 'criminal charges'

Expats: Check yourself

Flexible new UK pension rules are on the way in but don’t assume they will apply to you, writes Richard Alexander

Crackdown on Magaluf pub crawls after mamading oral sex video scandal

Boss of bar crawl Carnage Magaluf refuses to apologise to sex video girl's family

New laws for Spain’s roads in force from today

Motorists are being encouraged to familiarise themselves with the change to the law





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