THE JUNTA has clarified that the curfew, which is currently set at 10pm., in Andalucia, is not an impediment for taking a dog for a walk.

However, the Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson of the Andalucian Government, Elias Bendodo, said that dog walking is not ‘carte blanche’ to be able to leave after 10 pm., and that one must ‘use common sense’.

The clarification was made by Bendodo this Tuesday during a press conference following the Governing Council.

“As a general rule, after curfew, people are allowed to leave their homes for reasons of force majeure, such as the hygienic-sanitary reasons as would be the case in dog walking. However, as long as it is strictly necessary and used with common sense,” he said.

The question was made as the Junta attempted approval of the Central Government for a 8pm., curfew.

The Government, however, has rejected the regions’ requests for tougher restrictions.

Health minister Salvador Illa said yesterday during a meeting of the 17 regions and the central Government that the ‘tools the regions have in their arsenal are enough’ to fight the virus.

Had the extended curfew been approved, Bendodo had made it clear that dog walking would be permitted.

This is not the first time that dog owners have been allowed extraordinary outings.

During the lockdown months of March, April and May of last year, the central government included dog walking as possible despite the state of alarm.

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