RESCUE: Cyclist in Mallorca rushed to hospital in a helicopter after his handlebars puncture his groin

THE Guardia Civil have performed a dramatic helicopter rescue of a cyclist in Mallorca after his handlebars skewered him through the groin.

The Mountain Rescue division raced to save the Spaniard on Saturday as he was rapidly losing blood following a crash.

After the handlebar punctured the man’s groin area and he continued to bleed, his friend revealed that the man lost consciousness.

A statement from the Guardia Civil said that the man had suffered a ‘deep wound’ from the accident.

Rescue teams swiftly transferred him to the Balearic island’s Son Espases Hospital where he was given emergency surgery.

He had been riding in the Puig de Galatzó mountain area, which stands at over 1000m at the summit and is a popular area for tourists in Mallorca.

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