A teenage boy suffered three skull fractures and has lost his ability to speak, temporarily at least, after being hit by his father.

The boy, 13, was assaulted by the 54-year-old man at his Paiporta home on April 27, after refusing to take a shower.

The father has been arrested by the Policia Nacional and jailed.

He had previously been convicted of domestic violence against the boy’s mother and received a prison sentence.

His son is in the pediatric ICU of Valencia’s La Fe Hospital where the neurological damage from the assault is being assessed.

La Fe Hospital Valencia

His mother said that the boy ‘cannot speak as a bone has perforated an area of the brain that is used for communication’.

The teenager’s parents split up over a decade ago but the youngster was spending the night at his father’s house.

His parent got into a rage after ordering his son to stop using his mobile phone and to take a shower.

When he refused, his father assaulted him.

Despite the serious injuries sustained, no call for medical help was made.

The following morning, the man returned home from a walk and spotted his son unconscious.

He phoned his ex-partner to say they had argued the previous evening.

He claimed the teenager suffered a black eye after hitting a piece of wood after he pushed him.

The boy was initially taken to the Doctor Peset Hospital in Valencia, but given the seriousness of his injuries, he was transferred to a specialist unit at La Fe.

CAT scans ordered by doctors revealed three skull fractures which were incompatible with the father’s version of events.

The youngster underwent surgery on Friday- the same day his mother reported the incident to the Policia Nacional, who subsequently arrested the father for family mistreatment.


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