A TORREVIEJA doctor has revealed the extent of harm that mobile phones inflict on the human body, especially among the young.

Dr Alfonso Cort highlighted studies that show we spend an average of five and a half hours looking at cell-phones or computers every day, causing ‘technological injuries’ in children.

Girl Mobile 2
POSTURE: Do be careful when using mobile phones for lengthy periods

These injuries include tendonitis of the thumb, carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis (aka tennis elbow) due to repetitive movement.

“These have their origin in the repetition of the same movements of our hands and fingers for long periods of time which causes an inflammation in the tendons and nerves,” he said.

“These injuries begin with tingling in the hands, especially at night, accompanied by muscle pain in the upper limb.”

A specialist at Quironsalud Valencia, Dr Felipe Garibo added that the position we adopt when using devices also harms us.

He recommends less time using devices, raising them to avoid lowering the head, using both thumbs and both hands and adopting regular exercises to improve muscle strength.

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