TO those unlucky enough to stumble across Es Port restaurant in Sa Calobra during their travels around the island, most found it overpriced and underwhelming, according to Trip Advisor. 

What they probably didn’t know is what they were eating was the produce of slave labour. 

For the workers were being paid less than €3 per hour and forced to be on their feet for a shocking 14 hours a day. 

What is even more alarming though is nothing was done sooner. 

Esport Resturant Three
DIRTY SECRETS: Es Port in Mallorca may look idyllic, but its treatment of staff was ‘criminal’, according to police

As we have discovered, various other restaurateurs in the village and even the local mayor had – at least – caught a whiff of Es Port’s unsavoury working practices.

Why then did it take until just over a month ago for someone to finally tip off police? 

For what to some was merely lurid gossip, was to others their daily lives. 

Let’s hope that if this sorry episode teaches anyone anything, it’s to stop whispering and start speaking up when we hear of tasteless goings-on.

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