a businesswoman operating a mobile phoneTHE days of wracking up shock mobile phone bills while on holiday could soon be a thing of the past.

Hidden roaming costs and internet charges running into thousands of pounds and euros have left countless holidaymakers in financial ruin.

But now, five major networks – Vodafone, EE, Three, Virgin and O2 – have signed up to a new code of practice to protect customers.

The new regulations will see the networks cap phone bills when they go uncharacteristically high.

In December, the Olive Press reported on 21-year-old Brit Corey Pye, who received a massive €24,000 bill from Vodafone after he lost his phone in Ibiza.

Despite initially being told he would have to foot the bill, Pye eventually ending up paying just €650 as the phone giant took pity on him and showed some much-needed Christmas spirit.

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  1. Why are people still paying roaming charges in Spain? Switch to Three. No roaming charges and you can use your normal included minutes, texts and data. No charges at all and YES it is real. Only thing is don’t call spanish numbers as it will be an international charge – get a spanish sim card for that.

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