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Phone companies in Spain vow to stop ‘cold-calling’ during afternoon siesta

SPAIN'S top phone companies have promised to cut unsolicited calls pestering people to sign up to their services putting an end to the misery...

Vodafone Spain gets record-breaking fine for mishandling personal data and making spam advertising calls

VODAFONE Spain has been hit with an €8.15 million fine for mishandling personal data during marketing campaigns between 2018 and 2020. It's the biggest penalty-ever...

Hard cell? As Spain’s first 5G network is unveiled, the Olive Press taps into the controversial technology

Watching Love Island from the heart of the Campo also supposedly just got a whole lot easier

BREAKING: Reports of Vodafone being down in Spain

AT least 30 British expats and locals have complained of no service on their phones this afternoon.  All the mobiles, including the OP's work mobiles,...

British mobile networks to make changes to stop shock holiday roaming fees

Hidden roaming costs and internet charges running into thousands of pounds and euros have left countless holidaymakers in financial ruin

Sevilla to embark on multimillion euro venture to become a ‘smart city’

Phone provider Vodafone and technology giant IBM will see the Andalucian capital transformed

Brit receives €24,000 phone bill after losing mobile in Ibiza

A 21-year-old from Basingstoke was shocked to receive the mega phone bill after losing his phone in Ibiza

Orange and Jazztel merger to suffer EU antitrust probe

Orange's €3,4 billion bid for Jazztel has been put under the spotlight over fears Orange would hold a monopoly in the telecom market

Vodafone to install fibre-optic network across Marbella

The network will be extended to around 25,000 homes and businesses by the end of 2015

Orange overtakes Vodafone as Spain’s second-biggest mobile operator

The future is bright for Orange as it beats its British competitor on the Spanish market

Vodafone sees massive revenue dip

The weak economies of Spain and South Africa are to blame for the mobile phone giant's bad luck

Ono agrees €7.2 billion sale to British Vodafone

Spain's largest cable operator bought by British telecommunications company Vodafone

Spanish revenue for Vodafone drops dramatically

Chief executive remains positive despite European figures

Benajarafe transmitter headache drags on

Residents say the mast has caused 50 cases of cancer

Telefonica fine upheld

A fine was lodged against Telefonica for abusing its dominant market position

‘Cancer’ mast finally comes down in Spain

Vodafone loses battle to keep mobile phone mast in Benajarafe after tumour rates soar

Vodafone dongle disaster

Carol Nichols, 70, has been paying for an internet connection she has never had

Heartless treatment of bereaved Costa del Sol family

Phone giant Vodafone continues to charge family for their dead daughter’s phone

Vodafone’s Spanish connection objection

EXCLUSIVE New internet service provider complaint falls on deaf ears By James Bryce

Tech Review: USB 3G pay as you go modem in Spain

Spend periods of time in your home country and Spain? What's the best option to get internet access at a reasonable price while you are here?

Ring the changes

Government finally gets tough with telecoms industry promising to impose heavy fines for poor customer service

Mobile madness in Spain

Expat sues Vodafone after being billed thousands when his phone would not stop connecting to the internet

Vodafone dongle dupe

EXCLUSIVE by Anatoly Kurmanaev: "I was overcharged 600 euros by Vodafone, which gave me a ‘credit note’ to make up"

Bits, bytes and binary

It bugs me when people don't understand the difference between bits and bytes. It is even worse when it is Telefonica sales people who are trying to sell me a faster megabyte per second broadband service. This is because the service is actually measured in megabits per second

Putting siesta culture to bed

UK high street coming under attack from Spanish brands... with one even selling English tea!




British optician on Spain’s Costa Blanca literally putting plastic bottles in the frame

COSTA BLANCA’S popular British optician, Specsavers Ópticas, has found a way to meet demands of the fashion industry and the eco-conscious. Consequently, stylish environmentally-aware clients...


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