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Heartless treatment of bereaved Costa del Sol family

EXCLUSIVE By James Bryce

THE father of a British teenager who died tragically five months ago has slammed service provider Vodafone for continuing to charge him for his daughter’s phone contract.

Peter Hardy, from La Cala de Mijas, is furious that the heartless company is continuing to send bills for his daughter Samantha, 19, who died when she fell from a bridge on April 1.

Despite taking along the death certificate, Hardy was told by staff at the Calahonda store that there is nothing more its staff can do about the 21.60 euro monthly fee.

“It is a disgrace. Vodafone should have stopped the payments months ago,” Hardy told the Olive Press.

“When you’re in a shop surrounded by strangers, the last thing you want is to talk about your daughter’s death. It is extremely distressing for us.”

Vodafone had been informed of her death just days afterwards when her older sister Eloise provided an official police report to the store.

Staff photocopied the documents and sent them off to head office, but when Hardy’s wife Mandy returned to the store two months later, nothing had been done.

“My wife came home in tears,” continued Hardy. “The way the situation was handled is dreadful. I went back to the store last month and was told there was nothing else the staff could do about it.

“Surely someone can take responsibility and make sure it is resolved quickly?”

After numerous calls from the Olive Press, Vodafone finally confirmed that it would be providing a full refund. A spokesman said: “We are very sorry for this mistake. We will be contacting the family to make amends.”

Meanwhile, Hardy is still awaiting the official police report, with question marks remaining over the exact cause of death.

The Olive Press reported in April how Sam had fallen onto the busy N340 motorway during a night out.

The death certificate states ‘injuries to the cranium and skull’, but it is not clear whether she died from the impact of the fall or was hit by a passing car.

“We want to get to the bottom of this,” insisted Hardy.

James Bryce

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  1. So was the contract made with the parents or the daughter? I can get ten mobiles and let anyone use them… Get a 0 euro iphone and after two months say ah it was for granny and she died… Just wondering what names are in the contract. Besides that, Vodafone should know service better and understand better in which cases they should make exceptions. But if the contract was on dad, it remains unless dad dies. It would be like that in all European countries.

  2. I took out and internet contract with Vodafone so I could use the andriod gadget to see all my UK TV. I was told it would cost me 35 euro per month and I would not pay another cent? And when I went back to UK I would contact Vodafone and they would cancel the contract until I came back to Spain and I wouldn’t have to pay anything? Normally spend 3 months in UK and 3 months in Spain, I simply love Spain. When I went home to UK on 29th March 2014 I was ill and I had builders in replacing part of my kitchen due to flood damage, they are what we call is ‘cowboys’!!! I had been diagnosed with coelic condition and I was very ill. I have my Santandar state sent to me in UK and I noticed 21.03.14 1.94 euro had gone out of my bank in Spain. Then whilst I was in UK 8 payments went out of my bank ranging 68/74 euro each month. I tried to call them but the first contact didn’t speak English. Then we got another contact and they were passing on to other contacts, then it went ‘dead’. When I came back to Spain I went to Vodafone on Calypso, Calahonda and I am getting nowhere? The staff are very polite but I want my refund of approx. 514 euro. I am 72, live on my own. I use a Mobile gas heater, I used it 3 times this visit and when I was lighting it it just ‘exploded’ it was only 2 years old. 2 Fire brigade – 12 firemen – i was terrified. So I will have to purchase another heater (not gas) and my car had have a new Alternator. I am a pensioner and I need to have my ‘refund’. I live on the top of a hill, I have artherastic, my car is 14 years but I need transport, I cannot afford taxi’s. I just wish some-one could help me. Many thanks

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