A SAUDI prince is facing fresh rape allegations after a Spanish judge reopened a sexual assault case against him.

Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud – the world’s 26th richest man – is accused of raping a 20-year-old model on a luxury yacht in Ibiza in 2008 after she was allegedly drugged.

But the original case was closed due to a lack of evidence, despite toxicology results appearing to support her claims.

The prince’s spokesman, Heba Fatani, dismissed the allegations as ‘completely and utterly false’.



  1. If such alligations didn’t provide income to the lawyers – who NEED the $income, countries should stop wasting their time “investigating & trying” such rich people as this Saudi Prince – who even makes that French dood D S-K look like a pauper. They can and DO buy their way out of any accusation. For a measley $250,000 USD or more, I wonder if the victim will “remember what happened” on trial date?
    It’s NOT right, just the way it has been for centuries.
    Why not have the Spanish courts try to “expedite” the trials of (far) too many Mayors, Planning Counselors, etc in the Malaya Case & others… where FACTS of actions are more concrete to prove Guilt or Innocence?
    A life-long trial… would that include Retirement Payments?

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