ORANGE’S €3,4 billion bid for Jazztel is to be probed by EU antitrust regulators amid fears the deal would lead to higher prices for customers.

By getting the deal Orange – France’s largest mobile company – would have its market share in Spain pushed far ahead of rival Vodafone.

The European Commission is undertaking an in-depth inquiry into how the merger would affect customers’ broadband and mobile service options.

“Both companies are important competitive forces with a stronger influence on the competitive dynamics in these markets than suggested by their market shares,” said a statement from the Commission.

Spain’s antitrust authorities have requested to take over the review, which is to be decided upon by April 24, but such requests from other countries have been denied.


  1. I have to wonder just how impartial such an inquiry might be. Clearly competition can be beneficial to everyone & who needs it more than Telefonica/Movistar? They appear to have such a stranglehold on the whole communications system in Spain, they appear to be virtually untouchable. Masses of people struggling along with poor Internet connections which is unforgivable in this day & age. I hear no plans that Telefonica/Movistar are planning to introduce “” which is now a fully approved system that allows those on copper wire connections, to piggy back off nearby Fibre & achieve massively faster connections with minimal outlay. The hint of speed achievable is in the name……G.Fast.

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