Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Hard cell? As Spain’s first 5G network is unveiled, the Olive Press taps into the controversial technology

Watching Love Island from the heart of the Campo also supposedly just got a whole lot easier

Sign up with Spain’s only ‘all-in- English’ mobile service

LOBSTER is a new and ambitious mobile operator which has set out to bring expats an "English, easy and effortless" service with an experience...

Games industry comes together to put full weight behind next generation of developers

The games industry comes together to put full weight behind next generation of developers, which should lead to a lot of new talent in an industry where innovation is so important.

Major Gibraltar property company goes mobile

GM International Homes Ltd goes mobile

Spain’s mobile phone tariffs on the rise

Upwardly-mobile phone fees

MasMovil awarded Best Virtual Mobile Operator 2014

The most popular Plan Zero scooped the top prize

Fibre-optic broadband on its way to Manilva

Mayor Diego Urieta has announced a deal with Telefonica to bring faster internet speeds to Manilva

Orange and Jazztel merger to suffer EU antitrust probe

Orange's €3,4 billion bid for Jazztel has been put under the spotlight over fears Orange would hold a monopoly in the telecom market

The launch of an Olive Press Android app to go with our iPhone app

We launch a new Android app to go alongside our iPhone app

Orange overtakes Vodafone as Spain’s second-biggest mobile operator

The future is bright for Orange as it beats its British competitor on the Spanish market

Telecoms merger creates new competition

Masmovil and Ibercom's collaboration will produce the third largest firm in the sector

Spanish mobile phone clients hang up

Spaniards ditching phone contracts as thr financial crisis continues to bite

Spanish designer invents luggage you do not need to carry

Hop! suitcase follows you around the airport using Bluetooth

Phones can ruin relationships, research shows

Researchers at Essex University found mobile phone use can have a negative effect on closeness and conversation

The ‘crazy’ expats who rung the changes in Spain

Bosses of mobile start up company MASmovil have got 100,000 customers in just four years – and now they are after the expat market

Mobile madness in Spain

Expat sues Vodafone after being billed thousands when his phone would not stop connecting to the internet





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