RESIDENTS in Manilva will be able to surf the web faster than ever, thanks to a deal made between Mayor Diego Urieta and Telefonica.

With work already under way to bring fibre-optic broadband into people’s homes, download speeds of 100 mb should be available later this year.

And things are set to get even better as 4G mobile technology will soon be available to current subscribers.


  1. Spain’s internet speeds can be horrific at the best of times. I moved here from Bali and I’m getting a similar service – which is just ridiculous, as Bali is a small island on the other side of the world in the middle of nowhere! The problem is the old phone lines, they’re just not made for high speed internet.

    Whilst fibre is painstakingly working its way across the country, there are some companies like olivenet, who are laying fibre in some areas quicker than the main companies (telefonica etc.). However the best solution I can find right now, if fibre is not in your area, is unlimited 4G plans, which don’t rely on the hard lines – see The Sky Doctor for more details about this.

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