LOBSTER is a new and ambitious mobile operator which has set out to bring expats an “English, easy and effortless” service with an experience just “like at home”.

It is the only operator in Spain to offer a service completely in English from their website, app, billing information, to a Customer Contact Centre where all the agents are native English speakers.

The Customer Contact Centre is available seven days a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Lobster does exactly what it says on the tin with tailor-made tariff plans for British expats, and other English speakers, with no commitments and no nasty lock-ins or termination fees.

Marketing Director Tony Watts told the Olive Press how the company has been going the extra mile to give customer the ‘traditional’ customer care they would receive back home.

“Be it one of our friendly Customer Contact Centre agents staying on the line to direct an elderly customer to the nearest retail store where she could purchase her new SIM card, “Or letting you park your number for free for up to 12 months when you pop back to the UK to visit family, Lobster will always have your back,” said Tony Watts.


The company is growing fast with thousands of happy customers and Lobster now being available in more than 300 retail stores.

Sign up is simple and the first month’s plan is completely free with no commitments, so the customer can try Lobster out for a month completely free no charge.

They want their customers to stay because they’re happy with the service.

The only thing customers need is a valid ID, passport, NIE, or similar, and a credit or debit card – it does not even have to be a Spanish one – and they are good to go.

The company has kept the service as simple as possible with no lengthy contracts or paperwork.

They offer three great plans all with unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK, and other countries.

The only difference between the plans is the amount of data available, which caters for all types of customers from light to heavy data users.

So whether people just send the odd WhatsApp, or are glued to cat videos on Youtube all day, Lobster has the right tariff plan for everyone.

With plans starting from just €12 per month, and with pretty much everything included for that price, Lobster has also made it incredibly easy to control your monthly spend.

As an added bonus, customers can keep their existing Spanish number if they already have one or Lobster can provide a brand new one.

You can sign up online by visiting their website www.lobster.es, or by calling their Customer Contact Centre for free on 1661, or by going to one of the many retail stores where Lobster is available.

There are some great customer testimonials on the company Facebook page: Brit Tony Marshall wrote on the company Facebook page: “Great telephone support, fantastic website and excellent value call packages!”

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