THEY pooled their savings, shared an apartment and ate nothing but pesto and pasta for months.

But in just four and a half years expats Christian Nyborg and Meinrad Spenger, have managed to transform MASmovil Telecom, the only independent mobile phone start-up operator in Spain, into a success with more than 100,000 customers.

With the lowest rates it is the logical choice for Northern Europeans

“My knowledge of the Spanish market convinced me that mobile telephony was extremely expensive in Spain compared with other countries in Europe and customer service was very ordinary,” explained Nyborg, 38, the Director of the International Business Division.

“When I resigned my position at Ericsson Iberia my boss said I was completely crazy. He and everyone else said it was only the large and established companies who could launch a new mobile phone operator. But we did it.”

Now MASmovil is turning its attention to expats.

Boasting one of the lowest rates in the market, it is the ‘logical choice for Northern Europeans’ insists Norwegian Nyborg.

“The potential to offer unique services for expatriates in Spain is huge since this segment is completely ignored by the larger operators.

“In particular the potential for savings on international calls is tremendous, often more than 80 per cent, as well as adding value by offering customer service in their native languages.”

MASmovil already offers all services through English and has just launched customer service in Norwegian and Swedish, making it the only mobile operator in Spain to do so.

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